gereja0Our church is located in San Fernando Valley. It is an urbanized community located in the northern section of the City of Los Angeles that covers 345 square miles area from the Santa Susana Mountains to the northwest, the Simi Hills to the north, the Santa Monica Mountains to the south, and the San Gabriel Mountains to the northeast.

Our church began its journey in 1983 as an informal prayer gathering to meet the needs of the new immigrants from Indonesia. Through the leadership of Pastor Adi Sutanto, the prayer group experiences a dynamic growth as it creates a place of belonging for the young families and students attending community colleges in Woodland Hills and Santa Monica and California State University Northridge. As a result of this growth, we formally organized ourselves in 1987 as a Mennonite church ministering to the first generation Indonesian immigrants.

Since fall 2006, the church has begun to sense God’s new direction for the church. We began our discovery journey to pray and discern the needs inside and outside the church. Looking inside, we realize the need of our second generation who grow up with two cultures; therefore, our mono-cultural setting sometimes causes them to feel out of place. Looking outside, we find out that our community is the home for immigrants from diverse places such as Mexico, El Salvador, Iran, Israel, Armenia, Vietnam, Korea, India and China. One-third of our 1.7 million residents are foreign born. Learning this fact, we are reminded of our calling that we must be God’s witness for this diverse community because Jesus Christ has redeemed “every tribe and language and people and nation” (Revelation 5:9b). Therefore, our church is called not only serving the first generation immigrants from Indonesia, but also serving our diverse community. Our church is a multicultural and multiethnic church because we are called to be the “light for the nations” (Isaiah 49:6). If you are a visitor, and you are not Indonesian, you are welcome here. Together, we will be God’s witness to the nations.

Maranatha Christian Fellowship - Northridge